Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

  • ITMD 510: Object-Oriented Application Development
    This course covers advanced programming skills and practice in Java. Note: I am no longer available to teach ITMD 510 from Fall, 2017. My teaching will be focused on ITMD 523, 525 and 527.
  • ITMD 523: Advanced Topics in Data Management 
    This course introduces data modeling (including relational data modeling and big data models), applications with database connections, data warehouse, data mining and predictive analytics. Students may have experience with Oracle, MySQL, AWS, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, etc
  • ITMD 525: Topics in Data Science and Management
    This course provides an overall view of classical data mining and machine learning techniques. Additionally, selected applications related to data science, such as information retrieval, recommender systems and social networks, will also be explored and discussed in this class. Students may have experience on data science by Weka, R and Python, as well as big data mining tools like Hadoop, Mahout, etc.  Students will also have chance to learn some open-source recommender system libraries.
  • ITMD 527: Data Analytics
    This course is a fundamental class for data analytics. Particularly, it focuses more on statistics and predictive models, including multiple linear regression models and time-series predictive models. Students will have experience on data analytics by SAS and R.

My suggestions to the students in data management: ITMD 510 and ITMD 523 are two basic and entry-level courses for the first-year graduate students. To obtain solid knowledge and skills in data science, I suggest you to take the ITMD 527 at the beginning, and then ITMD 525 or ITMD 529. If you are interested in big data techniques, especially from the perspective of engineering part, ITMD 521 is a good choice. In future, probably we will have many more courses related to real-world applications, such as information retrieval, recommender systems, social networks, game theory, computational advertising, etc

DePaul University, Chicago, USA

  • 2017 Spring, Adjunct Lecturer, IPD 346: Data Science for Business Program
  • 2017 Winter, Adjunct Lecturer, IPD 346: Data Science for Business Program
  • 2016 Fall, Adjunct Lecturer, IPD 346: Data Science for Business Program
  • 2016 Spring, Co-Lecturer, IPD 346: Data Science for Business Program
  • 2016 Winter, Guest Lecturer, CSC 480: Artificial Intelligence
  • 2015 Winter, Guest Lecturer, CSC 529: Advanced Data Mining
  • 2015 Winter, Guest Lecturer, IS 567: Fundamentals of Data Science